Faucet and fixture


Like most everything in a home a bib or compression washer in an outdoor or external faucet can wear out and need to be replaced. The first indication that a washer is wearing out and needs replacing is there is a slow drip of water from the faucet even when the faucet is completely turned off.

External faucets work basically by screwing down a handle, thereby closing a washer disk onto a seating in the valve.
Replacing a washer that is wearing out is easy and straight forward. The whole job takes only about 10 minutes. Replacement washers are available individually or in kits at home centers, hardware stores, discount stores and even grocery and drug stores.

West Side Drive Plumbing and Heating recommend purchasing a small assortment package that contains the most common sizes that are found in faucets around the home. Sometimes there is a shut-off valve located in the basement for the individual outside faucet. Turn the faucet on to make sure the water is off.
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